Hello! I'm Sidney and welcome to Doors, Drawers, and More... !  I am always looking for new and different creative inspirations for my bottles, signs and everything else I make!  I am blessed with a wonderful family... My Husband who is my very best friend, and 4 beautiful children, a daughter-in-law, and a son-in-law!  We also have 4 adorable grandchildren, and the 5th on the way!  I was born and raised in western Pennsylvania, moved to Florida, then Texas, and now Maryland!  I love being right on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay, and having two, almost 3 grandkids within reach of my fingers! 

I am a stage 4 cancer survivor!  It has been a little over two years now since my last chemo treatment, and  I am feeling good!  We take one day at a time, and thank God for each of them.  One of our grandkids has cerebral palsy, and has been a God send for this Grandma.  He was such an inspiration to me while I was going through Chemo, every day he had a great big smile for me, and every day since he has always kept that smile!  Children have such healing powers!

Please feel free to share a comment with me, and I hope that you will find something of  beauty and inspiration here where I have pieces of doors, drawers, and so much more!

Each of my bottles are originals, no two are alike. I hand paint and seal each one so that you can wipe them down with a damp cloth. If there is a design or theme you are interested in, but do not see, don't be afraid to contact us.

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Bottle Lights